Science Rocks My Socks!

And it should rock yours too!

Soft chalk for hair.

Welcome! I’m Heather.  This is a site dedicated to what I love most. I have a B.S in Physics, so I love science and math.

I think science should be fun and accessible, so we will stick to some really fun topics.  I’ll be starting a kids corner with posts and links with fun topics to get kids interested in math and science in the near future. And there will be more expanding out from there.

We’ll be talking mostly about physics and math, but I might put up some posts with links to articles about other scientific topics in chemistry, biology, etc. It all boils down to physics anyway. And as always, science education is extremely vital to progressing science. So I’ll be on the search for articles that discuss science education and science in society as well as women in science.

I’m going to try to keep this site mostly on the topics of science, and science in education and society.  I’ll try to not delve too much into politics, unless it’s about science. I’ll also try to stray from my love of shoes 🙂

If you find a topic that interests you and you want to discuss it, find an article, or you want to know more about something, feel free to comment on the site. I’ll try to post about it the best I can.

I’m not an expert in all things science, but I love this stuff!

I just couldn’t resist. Sorry.


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